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  • Slow Dans
  • High Hopes
  • El Valley Centro
  • Chain

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  • The Cardinal and the Corpse


  • Party Election Broadcast for the Labour Party


  • Witchfinder General


  • The Man Who Knew Too Much


Recent reviews

  • Heart of the Angel

    Heart of the Angel


    Heart of the Angel is one of those documentaries that stand as proof that simply pointing a camera at the 'common' person - the people who our world relies upon and yet are invisible on our screens - can evoke the simplest and yet most profound truths.

    It's beyond me how there weren't television executives queuing up to throw money at Dineen for more of this.

  • Britannia Hospital

    Britannia Hospital


    I was hoping that Britannia Hospital was a misunderstood and overlooked finale to Anderson's Mick Travis trilogy. Sadly it would seem that it deserved its negative reception and neglect in attention.

    Britannia Hospital is the predictable conclusion to the Travis trilogy in the sense that If... was youthful and cutting, and O' Lucky Man was sprawling, fun, but lacking much direction or coherent politics. Britannia Hospital continues this decline: it's, well, just a mess. Right from the start Anderson has…

Popular reviews

  • Heartworn Highways

    Heartworn Highways


    If the scene of Townes playing Waitin Around to Die whilst Uncle Seymour tears up in the background doesn't rip your heart to shreds, then I'm not sure what will.

    Honest to god, in my opinion, that scene might be one of the most important moments of music caught on film.

  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    I'm sure we all know the feeling of discovering something or someone and only wishing you'd discovered them far earlier. This is how I feel about Edward Yang after watching my first film of his, which happens to be his final film.

    Everything, from the pure poetry of the use of reflections in glass - showing us what is behind and in front, to the subtle and incredibly real feeling characters. Edward Yang has captured life at almost every angle.…