Decasia ★★½

As a massive fan of Bill Morrison's Dawson City: Frozen Time - a gorgeous tribute to cinema, time and memory - I find myself disappointed by Decasia.

I without a doubt appreciate the ideas of recontextualizing images, and Morrison does an excellent job at this, but, this isn't a great example of this vision. This is mainly due to the music composed by Michael Gordon. The music is trying way too hard to enforce a very specific atmosphere - an atmosphere that I don't personally feel fits with Morrisons carefully edited selection of images. The constant triumphant and dark orchestral build ups just begin to wear thin and irritating quickly. Trying far too hard to impose dread and fear, I personally feel it missed the mark. Alex Somers' composed music in Dawson City was gorgeous and melancholic - a terrific fit to a tribute of a time gone by and it's inevitable decay but attempt to latch on. Now I understand Morrison doesn't want to just play a one-note, he wants to recontextualize these images to invoke a selection of emotion; and occasionally Gordon's dread-filled compositions fit and do a successful job - but not consistently for an entire hour, not even near.