Oldboy ★★★★★

It seemed like my annual (though it often ends up being closer to a quarterly tradition) rewatch of Oldboy was coming up so I decided to return to it once again.

Except for this time I've returned to it with a new realization. A couple of months ago I was attempting to retrace my footsteps through cinema and discover where my interest in world cinema began. It's sort of odd that I'd forgotten the contextual importance Oldboy had on me, but I came to the conclusion and recollected that Oldboy was, for the most part, my gateway to world cinema - as in foreign cinema, but also, the literal world of cinema - as in the depths and far away world's of time and place.

If my memory serves me correctly, I was roughly fifteen. Sure I had most likely seen a handful of foreign language films before (I was super into Jackie Chan films as a kid) but Oldboy was different. Oldboy taught me the existence and importance of style. It taught me that cinema didn't have to give easy answers. It taught me that the audience is equally a part of the film as the creator. But most importantly, it opened my eyes to the wide and never-ending landscape of world cinema.

I'm not gonna go full cliche and say that without Oldboy I wouldn't be where I am now with my interest in cinema - if it wasn't Oldboy it would have been a different foreign film. But what I am gonna say is that I am grateful that it was Oldboy, I am grateful that it was my bridge to this world.