Woman in the Dunes ★★★★½

The duo force of Teshigahara and Abe is once again unbelievable.

I think I'd need to watch this again in order to properly review and express my ideas and emotions that I've collected from viewing this film. Everything from the Camus-like Absurdism to the haunting soundtrack.

But what I really wanted to quickly note was the possibly most terrifying scene in cinema. The entire oneiric escape segment - the mindless desperate running, the edging darkness, the ominous flashlights like floating orbs, and finally the quicksand. All ingredients to create a nightmare, yet it's not that simple or easy. It's pulled off so well with help from the camera work and soundtrack - it's all so disorienting and yet gripping. Like a dream turned nightmare, somewhere in your subconscious, you're aware how futile your actions are, you know how this will end - yet you struggle on out of instinctual fear, struggling against the materials and substances that surround you - in this case, it's the sand that will devour you.