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  • Jurassic Park
  • War for the Planet of the Apes
  • The Dark Knight
  • Alien

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  • A League of Their Own


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  • Prey




    I haven't written a review in quite some time, but after watching this bad boy I knew I just had to write about it. So, I'll put it quite simply: Prey is fire. Every bit of hype that you might have felt based on the previews and the return of the Predator is justified because this movie is HYPE.

    The action is beautiful, the creature design beautiful. The characters are well written and badass in a way that still…

  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II



    Although I might be enormously late to the part with this one, I must say that I'm far from disappointed. A Quiet Place Part II is precisely as I expected it to be, a thoroughly gripping and exciting thriller, much like the first, and with just as much character and tension.

    There's perhaps a stronger emphasis here on the real life actions that people might take in a situation like this one, what with sound being used in many…

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  • King Kong

    King Kong



    I've probably watched this movie at least half a dozen times, and this was the first viewing that I didn't brutally cringe during the spider sequence, which was a relief. It's incredible to me that it was able to effect me for so long, and yet, despite the spider sequence wearing off, that conclusion never does. It's just so brutally devastating in every way that I still, after all these years find myself coming ever so close to tears. Here's a movie that knows how to make you feel emotion.

  • Dunkirk




    You see, this is why Nolan is just so great. Everything that he does (at least that I've seen up to this point - really gotta check out Memento, Tenet, Insomnia, and Following) is just so brilliant and well made! Obviously The Dark Knight trilogy is masterful, The Prestige is one of the best movies ever, Interstellar was amazing, and how can you not love Inception?!?

    Dunkirk derives its greatness from the fact that it FEELS like Christopher Nolan…