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I'll admit that I might be slightly biased toward this film since I have some very found memories of it when I was younger, but either way, you have to admit that this movie is amazing. This was the birth of an entire new genre of film, and a massive milestone for special effects, very much so similar to films like Jurassic Park or Avatar. Almost every single shot of Kong works wonderfully, especially for 1933. The only exceptions are the few times that there is a zoom in on Kong's face, which does like ridiculous and a bit laughable. Otherwise though, scenes such as his battle with the Tyrannosaurus (or Allosaurus depending on what you personally consider it to be) was expertly made, showing incredibly dynamic motion and action sequences. Kong is a wonderfully fleshed out character so that you feel for him when he falls from the Empire State Building. Say what you will about the 2005 movie having better special effects or more time to tell the story, or how Skull Island has a more modern story that is more in line with a kaiju movie, this film can never be beaten. It was the first and still the finest. The human cast also works especially well for a monster movie, showing a strongly written romance, even if it didn't have as much time to develop as you might expect. The native people have great costume design and seem mysterious and unknowable, as they were likely intended to. Again, without this masterpiece, we wouldn't have Mighty Joe Young. We wouldn't have Godzilla. We wouldn't have any story told by Ray Harryhausen. We probably wouldn't have Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Avatar, or so many other science fiction stories.

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