Saw II

Saw II ★★★

My first Saw film. I know, weird. But I was so floored that I immediately went and picked up the first Saw as soon as I left the theater and that really blew me away. Now having seen the first film this one doesn’t quite have the sting of that first time. Having seen it a few times now I do still like this entry for being a world building exercise that shapes the franchise for what it would bring and elaborating upon Jigsaw’s mission. Really the franchise can’t exist without what this film does. That is both for good and ill. 

I’m more interested in the story than the traps here and that’s why I still respond positively to the film but what is the film without the traps? Not too much. I’m curious how I’ll respond to the rest of the films as I go through the franchise. I dropped it hard after the fourth entry back upon release. But that’s the fun too. It’s been so long since I’ve seen these films. What joys are there to discover? This one opens up the franchise and I like it enough but it doesn’t really do anything grand. Is that around the corner for me this time around? We’ll see.

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