Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★½

Another movie watched on an airplane via my iPad, though this time the awesomeness could never be diluted or lost due to sleep deprivation.

This is definitely a movie that requires multiple viewings for everything to sink in, but goddamn what a fantastic experience! Vomiting directly into our faces our culture's grotesque obsession with "living in the moment" taken to illogical extremes that is both obviously repellent to real people yet simultaneously the exact same thing many strive for thanks to forced perspectives and glamorization put upon us by popular culture, Spring Breakers is a tribute and a stark criticism with no regard for telling the audience which is which.

I am not a fan of Skrillex or dub-step, but the soundtrack on this sucker is pitch perfect. The music amplifies everything to the max and aides in contorting the film's message. The opening scene with dozens upon dozens of drunken, naked, beautiful teens and 20-somethings "living the life" on spring break set to Skrillex's thumping beats immediately sets you off your senses and prepares you for the possibility that anything can and will happen over the next 90 minutes.

James Franco is amazing as the personification of our obsession with "thug life" and yes, it is completely ridiculous, but let's look at people like this in real life for a second, shall we. Yet at the same time, he is totally gangster and NOT someone you want to fuck with if you ran into them on vacation. There's that whole mixing of glorification and criticism again. The "look at mah shit!" scene is critical, it's beautiful, it's horrible, it's perfect.

However, the "best scenes of all time" nominee is clearly the montage overlaid by Britney Spear's Everytime. It's hilarious, transgressive, strangely thoughtful, and terrifying.

I could go on and on, but it's been a few weeks since I watched the film and will likely start making mistakes in my recollection. Definitely see this if you haven't already, it is far from the standard criticism of "a gaudy excuse just to see Disney starlets get nasty."

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