A Ghost Story

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This review may contain spoilers.

You’d have to be completely visually illiterate to think the views of the guy at the party reflect the message of this movie. That being said, I really thought I would love this, but I guess it just wasn’t the type of story I expected. I saw the first 30 minutes in freshman year of college, and expected that the following hour would be as devastating as that. I was loving Rooney Mara’s performance, and was ready to see more. I was so hurt by the image of the ghost reaching out to her and failing to touch her. I actually thought I couldn’t bring myself to finish it at the time, and finally decided to try again today, being that this seemed like a good Fall mood to me. Once Rooney Mara leaves the house, I felt like we moved away from what made me so connected in the first place. I also remember this relationship being a lot deeper than it actually was. We only see a handful of scenes between the couple together, and, while effective, I definitely could’ve done with more. That opening 40 minutes was just so great, and it just started to fall off hard for me after that. Oh well. Guess I can just treat the opening as a short. At least the visuals were always excellent.

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