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This review may contain spoilers.

Natasha Romanov has been a member of the avengers since the team’s inception, and definitely deserved her own movie long before even its original release date. Now that it’s finally here, I can say with confidence…it was pretty good. Black Widow was never one of my favorite avengers. In fact in just the original lineup, she was probably only right above Hawkeye. I think endgame easily gave her the best character development, and now we’re taken back to a pre-snap Natasha, who still has a kind heart, and a love for her found family, but not to the extent we saw after the five year skip. This is very much it’s own self-contained story told to make up for what wasn’t given. Besides the introduction of Yelena, there’s almost nothing to further the larger MCU. Much like Black Panther it feels like if you changed a couple of things around, it could work as a non-Marvel movie. The only issue with that I have is they keep setting all of their fun, character driven stories in the same time period. Im really sick of seeing the period right after Civil war. We’ve moved so far from that now, it’s annoying every time we’re thrust back into it. 

The new characters are all pretty charming for the most part, Red Guardian was especially funny, and Yelena had some good moments. I’m definitely surprised that none of them were killed. I figured with the loss of stakes for Natasha and Yelena, someone else would have to die, but I guess Marvel thought it wasn’t necessary. The only character I truly despised was taskmaster. What an awful way to introduce that character into the MCU. I guess they needed a somewhat big name attached to this project to get people to buy tickets. That’s one of the only times I didn’t want the MCU to keep a villain alive, because I thought the execution was just terrible, and I didn’t want to see her show up in any future projects. The design was terrible, and the twist was worse. Taskmaster’s presence left a whole stain over the third act that kind of brought down Natasha’s triumph over the main villain guy, who’s name I forgot because he was pretty generic and uninteresting. The movie really did a bad job with its villains, but it’s heroes redeem it, and the action sequences I mainly went to see the movie for were very cool. It was nice to see a movie in the theaters after over a year, and make it my first theater movie logged on Letterboxd, I only wish i enjoyed it more. Now that Natasha’s time in the MCU is truly done, I must say rest in peace to the black widow, and I’m sorry your movie was the one they thought they had to shove their shitty reimagining of taskmaster into.

Edit: the theater experience was pretty great, but the theater service was top notch. I have never been to a theater where the staff was so friendly and knowledgeable before. I believe the person who gave me my tickets was named Jake. He was excellent. Give him a raise.

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