• Dressed to Kill

    Dressed to Kill


    This was a very interesting one, and admittedly maybe not for the reason De Palma intended. You can clearly tell this film was directed by a man, as it employs several shots and moments that objectify its women, but in many ways, that puts you inside the heads of the two female leads. The men of this film are almost all dangerous and seedy, and this style of filmmaking causes the audience to be even more sympathetic and fearful for…

  • Hairspray



    I would’ve given this 3.5 stars, but it attracted a mainstream audience! Ew!

  • Laura



  • Escape from New York

    Escape from New York


    I mean. I guess it makes sense that Solid Snake is based on this guy.

  • Cecil B. Demented

    Cecil B. Demented


    From the intro, I knew this would be my favorite John Waters film. Waters lovingly pokes fun at people who would use the word cinephile in conversation, and puts together his usual wild cast of characters to preach his insanity. If only Divine could’ve been around to be in this.

  • Breathless



    My French classmate assured me that the dialogue was even more stupid in its native language than in the subtitles.

  • Mondo Trasho

    Mondo Trasho


    I didn’t know John Waters could bore me

  • Smoke Signals

    Smoke Signals


    I liked when they got on the bus, a clear reference to Spike Lee’s 1996 film Get on the Bus.

  • The Tortured and the Hare

    The Tortured and the Hare

    I liked it, but I wished the director had done something at the end, maybe with a post-it note, where the final survivor finds a kind of message that reads “you could have all escaped if you just used the power of friendship”

  • What About Bob?

    What About Bob?


    You can’t tell me this wasn’t a major inspiration for Elf

  • Sweet and Lowdown

    Sweet and Lowdown


    Underutilization of John waters

  • Pink Flamingos

    Pink Flamingos


    “Watch as he not only commits another act of indecent exposure, but adds to this social horror by making his wife wait in the car! Is there no shame?!”

    Definitely the most uh…filthy thing I’ve seen from this man. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I built up to this, or just that I’m not overly disturbed by the filth, but I actually laughed a good amount at this instead of recoiling in fear. More than anything, I…