Satantango ★★★★

Pessimistic dark and rainy film, a really profound insight into a Hungarian community and their dreams, hopes, particularities, and the arrival of Irimiás, a kind of evil prophet. Cinematography is amazing, really long shots with perfect slow camera movement, and unforgettable scenarios. The colorist and the photography lab did a really good job, it had amazing contrasts.
This movie would be black and white even if it was in color.
Acting is really good. The sound effects were a bit loud, but is probably made deliberately to cause sensations.
It is a really detailed movie, it leaves a lot to think to the spectator because is made in a really meditative way. The feeling of loneliness, of abandon, of sadness is in the ambient always, even in the dance scenes, easy to perceive. People don't laugh a lot. Bureaucracy almost portrayed in a Kafka style, and overall it was a really nice stroll around the characters minds and lives in this Hungarian community or farm.

I didn't understand the argument well because I didn't find proper subtitles, but afterwards I read what was the plot about and connected everything.
The character I liked the most was the doctor. It was really scenic and interesting. The ending made me think that maybe all of that was in his mind, but I read he preferred to die than to follow Irimiás.
There were splendid scenes. The scene of the kid poisoning the cat was tough for me, I almost believed it. The scenes of the cows and the horses were amazing. And many good and memorable scenes of people walking in the mud, in the rain, with lots of wind, and mysterious and abandoned landscapes. Close-up of faces were amazing too.
I didn't give it a 5 stars because is not my favorite movie. But is a really interesting proposal, remarkable and profound, moving and with beautiful images.

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