Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut ★★★★

Despite all the significant weaknesses of Eyes Wide Shut, there are undoubtedly some pretty mesmerising moments in the film. Directed, produced and co-written (with Frederic Raphael) by Stanley Kubrick, almost every scene conveys something about the difficulties of sharing life with another person. The work is similarly about social transgressions and amorality brought on by wealth, although its efforts to make additional grand statements are occasionally somewhat ambiguous. So while these concerns are not the only things that the film attempts to deal with, they probably rank as its most triumphant moments. The performances are more than satisfactory, notably, Tom Cruise, who provides a subtle, laid-back performance as Dr Bill Harford together with Nicole Kidman as his wife, Alice. Notwithstanding Kubrick, who died six days after exhibiting what was said to be the final print, milking a little too much from each scene, his shot choice, dialogue, music and set design ensures that Eyes Wide Shut is an interesting failure.