In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

Cultivating a particularly personal moment in time within an impersonal location that's experiencing development and expansion is something which writer, producer and director Wong Kar-wai accomplishes most beautifully in this film which won the Best Foreign Language and Best Cinematography at the 67th New York Film Critics Circle awards. It's partially a melodramatic anecdote of affection and tenderness and somewhat of a fevered fantasy, and there are extensive amounts of sensorial features to generate a believability and authenticity.

Wong Kar-wai demonstrates he's vastly more interested in stimulating mood over plot attributes and the compositions and tones throughout the film are incredibly evocative. It carefully and delicately balances the scales between its components with an abundance of glorious coloured costuming, period features and stunning cinematography. The passionate appetites of its central characters of Su Li-zhen and Chow Mo-wan (Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung) are modestly unhurried and arise from a heartrending tenderness. In the Mood for Love is a profoundly gorgeous film that's communicated with a rich abundance of visual poetry.

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