The Kid Brother

The Kid Brother ★★★★½

This classic 1927 film starring Harold Lloyd incorporates some of the most brilliantly designed and humorous extended comedy sequences within his filmography. He portrays Harold Hickory, the youngest son of the Sherriff of Hickoryville, who despite having constructed appliances to assist him with his household responsibilities and habitually outsmarting the neighbourhood bully, is repeatedly dismissed by his older brothers and father.

Harold Lloyd’s variety of comedy primarily attempted to converse with the youth and he made his high-spirited personality his representative characteristic, along with imaginative handling of props and the many memorable physical stunts. The Kid Brother has an excellent balancing of both funniness and suspenseful uncertainty which trades on the population of the town being blissfully unaware that Harold Hickory is probably the most inventive individual amongst them, and the crazy climax of the film on an abandoned ship is one of Lloyd’s best moments.