Marriage Story

Marriage Story ★★★★★

I remember seeing the first teaser for "Marriage Story" when it came out without ever seeing a single work from Noah Baumbach, I only knew Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson.
So the first reviews from the people who saw it on the big festivals came out and I was even more excited to see it, so I decided to see another movie from him, which it was "The Meyerowitz Stories" and even though I liked it, I thought it didn't reach his full potencial. And with that, I lost some interest to see "Marriage Story".
When it finally came out on Netflix, I saw it immediately and I loved it!
I think he went to the extreme and made a perfect movie.
After that, I decided to see more movies from him, like "Frances Ha"and "While We're Young", and even though I didn't loved those movies like I loved "Marriage Story", I saw the young Noah Baumbach still experimenting, still trying to figure things out. With that, now I understood a little more his vision and what he was trying to tell us with his movies.
Tonight I decided to see "Marriage Story" and I'm confident to say that this is my favorite movie from 2019 and maybe ever! I loved every single scene and aspect. I think this has an amazing script with amazing dialogues, the performances are excellent down to the smallest details, the cinematography is realistic and emerges us deeply in to the movie, score is fantastic and very moving.
And with that I just want to say thanks not only to Noah Baumbach, but to the entire team, this film is an inspiration for me to continue to study cinema.

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