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This review may contain spoilers.

yeah cool

okay i think i’m ready to review it. I just want to state that this will be kind of a biased review because i owe it all to marvel basically. 
So this film will not only be the most memorable as it will be the most epic film in history, and for a long future it will be hard achieve what this film did. It took 11 years and 21 films to get here and it felt like (and it probably is) the end of an era. 
Avengers Endgame is a long ass film but never in my life i felt that way, the only thing i would add is a small intermission in the middle so that i could process everything that is happening, because boy oh boy they are not playing with this film. They go apeshit and make some very crucial and risky decisions with it and sometimes they worked, and sometimes they didn’t (and I say that as a comic book fan, not as a critic). 
Going to this film was probably one of the most intense experiences of my life, Marvel has meant so much to me over the years and i would never have guessed that I would be sitting in the cinema 10 years later to see the biggest superhero film of all time. ITS INSANE. 
The cinematography in this film is probably my favourite in a superhero film after Logan, and it made it feel like something even way bigger in scale. The soundtrack helped play out a lot and it was noticeable in a good way. But man, THAT FINAL BATTLE SCENE. I was at the edge of my seat and when Cap first piks up mjölnir and i heard everyone gasp. HE IS WORTH IT. 
And then there it was... the moment i was waiting for the most... it all seems lost but then everyone starts coming back from the soul stone, the theme song is on, Cap is in the front line and everyone is looking at him, there is silence in the cinema... and then he says is. “Avengers assemble” at that point I just started crying, I had chills all over my body and that was followed by the biggest cinematic battle orgy of all time and it looked beautiful and perfect. 
There’s so so much to talk about this film and I just don’t have the words and time for it. But I can’t not talk about Tony and Nat who died both sacrificing themselves for the universe, and honestly i am okay with it because their arcs were completed sort of and it didn’t feel forced at all but dude it was still fucking sad :( but hey i thought they were gonna go full GoT there for a second. 
I definitely loved the dynamic of the surviving avengers and I this movie really highlighted everyone’s strengths and weaknesses (uhm uhm... Thor). But I feel that the meu is headed to a great path after Endgame but nothing will ever be the same and that’s okay, but I didn’t think I would still be invested after endgame and they changed that and now I can’t wait for Far From Home. 

Again there’s so much more to talk about it’s a 3 hour long film but I just wanna thank Marvel for the inspiration they have given me over the years and to be a beacon for all fans and bringing us together.

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