American Honey

American Honey ★★★★½

American Honey is a stunningly real and warm portrait of desire. It reminds me of Spring Breakers a little bit in its almost faux sense of comradery and spirit.

Vibrant green grass, the sticky air, warm sun, hair flowing in the breeze, running around fires, sing alongs - all ingredients in the hunt for more and the desperation to never look back. Raps about money fill what would be silences during roadtrips, reminding the characters of its utmost importance while the journey along the way seems to focus more on the non-material.

The need to be free follows Star around from place to place in the south. She helps various animals escape their confines along the way but herself stays confined to a van and numerous motels while searching for something, anything.

The lengths we go to be at peace and untangle ourselves from the world's webs can not only liberate a person but crush them too. There hasn't been anything as honest and lonely as this in some time.

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