Captain Marvel ★★★

Due to the fact this is a pretty faithful adaptation, Captain Marvel takes some time to find its feet, and by extension so does Brie Larson - who has to wait to spread her wings because she's playing a character who has no sense of identity yet. But let me tell you.... When she does, it's magnificent. When we get Carol Danvers, the real Carol Danvers, the air force pilot, friend, terrible joke-maker and Avenger with a capital A - that's when the feeling begins. The feeling I've gotten in so many of Kelly Sue DeConnick and co's wonderful comics. The feeling of inspiration drawn from a well full of identity crisis' and setbacks. Interstellar justice. When Carol uses her powers to blast a colourful beam around the earth's perimeter, she's saying something we've heard and understood many times before - "The earth is under my protection." And maybe the audience only gets a little bit of that Carol here, but I promise you, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Suffers from a lot of bland, directorial mistakes. The first act is difficult to follow, and because of the nature of the story we aren't let in all the way until the final 30 minutes. But the characters won me over. And Carol getting up fall after fall sent chills down my spine. She's about to fuck shit up, and I can't wait. Am I going to be getting a Captain Marvel inspired tattoo? More than likely. I'm being super forgiving with this rating, but I'm a kid at heart!

Higher further faster baby

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