Death Proof ★★★★½

FUCKING HELL. Do I have a new favourite car chase? You bet. This was wild start to finish. I have to admit the concept for the movie and a lot of what goes on is bollocks but as per usual Tarantino's delivery and dialogue is exhilarating. Every conversation, character introduction and vengeful act upon murderous Kurt Russell was outstanding.

The first half feels like a different film but I understand why it's there. Without it Russell getting his ass beat wouldn't have been half as enjoyable. The change in the script is abrupt and violent which is appropriate I suppose.

The characters are hilarious. I loved the banter between the second group of girls and they bounced off each other perfectly. Lots of familiar faces too. Turns out Mary Elizabeth Winstead is just as cool as a naive actress as she is fighting off alien spaceships.
I didn't mind that a lot of the film took place within cars because the colour was gorgeous. Those leather interiors, oh boy. The bright shirts they all wear, fucking leather stunt jackets - I want Rosario Dawson's pony top.

Everything builds to one hell of a rewarding climax that thrills. Girl power, dude.

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