Drive ★★★★★

Visually immaculate and heartfelt, Drive is a transportive thriller worked through by a charming performance from Ryan Gosling and a warm romantic centre.

The pulsating violent energy and sweet central relationship differentiate between the fantasy of love and the crime-filled reality of Gosling's world.
I don't normally find him to be all that. But in the almost child like mannerisms and well intentioned smiles I find his character to be extremely likeable. The way he switches between cold exterior and genuine freindliness is great.

In the romantic moments the film is at its best. Helped by the electrifying, hair standing on its end music and warm cinematography the emotion is palpable. Martinez's synth score and the amazing soundtrack compliment Refn's neon takes on an underworld well.

I found the job gone wrong line a little hard to follow and uninspired but not to the extent where it detracts majorly.
It's strange that the strong point is the character relationships because it's not something I've come to expect from Refn's style over substance approach but the heavenly subtle interactions between Mulligan and Gosling create one of my favourite on-screen pairings ever. The film has such soul.

I'll be rewatching Drive every time I want to feel like a real human being. The first act is perfect.

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