High Flying Bird ★½

Sorry, but I genuinely can't remember the last time I've been so bored watching a movie. I wasn't able to finish it, so won't go on as my opinion isn't fully formed.

I will say that I fail to see the merit in successful filmmakers shooting on phones. I get that it's a cool experiment, and for up and coming creatives with a serious lack of resources it's game changing - something I fully support - but here I just don't get it. Unsane kind of made sense, due to what kind of film it was, but shooting on an iPhone for the sake of it loses any value when you have professional lighting, actors, crew etc. It's not that fun for me in that situation, it's just a film that looks way uglier than it has to. All the good cinematography in the world can't make an iPhone lens not look dodgy in any shot that isn't a mid. I hope to see lots of content made on the ground floor by people that truly have to make the most of their situation, but other than that I don't see myself ever wanting to watch another phone shot film in the near future.

I admire Soderbergh for trying new things, I think it's really cool to expand your and the audience's horizons, but it's just not for me. If I had the choice between my phone and an expensive cinematic camera it wouldn't even be a question unless the project specifically called for it. Luckily for Steven, he can do whatever the fuck he wants, and a lot of people don't mind it. So it's all good