I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★½

Wooooow. From the trailer I knew I, Tonya was going to be pretty exciting. And it was. It had the humour I expected it to have, the turns and one hell of a performance from Margot Robbie. What I wasn't expecting was to be completley enthralled with Tonya as a character and get so into her rise and fall. My sympathies go out to her in all seriousness. It's absolutely mental and saddening but my biggest take away from it is what a fighter she is regardless of what she did and didn't do.

I think some moments could have been played to bigger effect skating wise (we end up spending a shit ton of time with Jeff in the 2nd half) and I would loved more of Diane (she's an angel) but this was a happy surprise and it surpassed my expectations. They fucked up by not having more screentime with Kerrigan though.


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