Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

A little bit in awe of how beautiful I found this. The discourse surrounding the film has been so devoid of actual contextual analysis and depth that I subconsciously ended up avoiding it, and consequently believed it simply wasn't a must-watch for me. I can admit when I'm wrong!

This handles very difficult material in a way I've not really seen done before (at least not well) and it, in my opinion anyway, succeeds.

JoJo Rabbit does a good job of investigating hive mind and how propaganda affects brains that aren't fully formed yet. The satire works without being irredeemable, the main set of characters are great and the cast are brilliant. Little Roman Griffin Davis is a star and I'm dumbfounded it's his first role because he absolutely killed it.

This made me laugh, but also explored an evil time in history in a way that was almost surely going to fail - except it didn't. By the end of it I had cried multiple times and I think the second half of the film is just wonderful. Waititi's best work.

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