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This review may contain spoilers.

Enjoyed it much more this time. I let the sadness, love and detail really seep in. After the credits rolled me and my work friends each told the story of when we first moved away from home. Unsurprisingly, each of our recounts held one similarity. A total contradiction in the fact we wanted to get out of our hometowns so badly but had a bit of a breakdown the second we did. I think anyone who had a youth similar to Christine's knows the contradiction well. There's something beautiful about your roots, where you're from is you, whether you like it or not.

My favourite thing about Lady Bird is that it doesn't lie to us: Christine's mum doesn't make it to the airport on time, Christine doesn't find a perfect new life in New York, and her call goes straight to voicemail. It doesn't lie because it would be cruel to. It would be an injustice to tell the young people watching it that what happens movies is the way it happens in real life. It's not. You might make it out of your hometown, but you'll always remember it. Whether those memories are good, bad, or, as they most often are, a mix of the two, you'll always remember it. The streets, the friend you lost touch with, that girl who always smiled at you on the street, and the ugly fights you had with your family. All of it is in you.

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