Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! ★★★

"Donna Sheridan you shady lady."

Get the fuck out of here if you hate this. Meryl Streep's MTV boat music video, auntie Tonya and her botox, "the old goathOUSE? Pfffff", Harry Headbanger, Bill and his fucking Count Olaf knee tattoos, how she hates to see her like *gulps* this, Sam telling Sophie she should pursue drawing while holding up a single outline on a bit of paper, the feminist revolution that is Dancing Queen, Amanda Seyfried's blue eyes and her daddy issues, don't goooo wasting your emotionsssss, the most beautiful location ever, Brosnan's horrendous singing

This movie was the soundtrack to my childhood and yeah the last 30 minutes are quite horrible but just you try and stop me from loving this.

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