Parasite ★★★★

A very wild and broad story that takes on the form of many times and genres. Parasite has a sense of heightened reality to it, the people and events don't quite seem to be registering as real, but the themes and anger they feel are certainly truthful.

While many films about class are easy to read as being solely about that (Burning's methodical take on class warfare springs to mind), Parasite simply weaves it in. Clearly, this is about an unemployed family going to great lengths to get jobs, but there's so much more to this that deepens it - just as there was in Burning. It's especially bonkers how fun some of it feels. It's like watching a heist movie with the tension and stakes turned up to 11. The family are intelligent and brilliant at manipulating. Later, it's almost unbearably sad. The transitions between these things and feelings are flawless, and I liked that the film uses certain cues to introduce negative turns that just boil more and more as they keep turning up.

Unfortunately you can't get as close to the characters as you'd want to, the film keeps everything at arm's length and some of the decision making is hard to run with, but it all still works.

Visually very impressive with great sound. The flashes of horror like the birthday cake scene were great and the mutually assured destruction at the end of the film is paralyzing to watch in a way I've not experienced in a while. Will definitely watch this again at some point.

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