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This review may contain spoilers.

"It's not my fault... I was radicalised!" 😭

My favourite Scream since the original. Felt lovingly crafted by people who genuinely enjoy the franchise, but didn't want to pay so much homage that it becomes redundant as its own movie.

Does a lot of things better than the previous sequels, not everything, but a lot — the killers and motive here are weak sauce compared to the unexpected Scream 4 reveal and the camp reasoning from that movie. That's the only huge negative and, in all fairness, the third act is always gonna be the hardest thing to nail in a whodunnit horror, as this movie calls itself!

I also think that the third act is quite long and as a result the OGs felt sidelined, but, luckily, the new generation of victims were good enough that I wasn't too upset. I enjoyed the estranged sisters backstory, the new group of friends were entertaining enough, and there's so much going on in the movie that kept me on my toes. Still, really wish this movie gave Sidney a bit more breathing room. Hopefully there's some extension on the Blu-ray or some deleted scenes to dig into!

The kills while never scary built nice tension and atmosphere, and despite not being a fan of CGI wounds and stabs I thought there were some fun moments that went into the crafting of the murders: the snail's pace of Tara's wheelchair, that long sequence of misdirects in the Hicks household, etc.. The movie looks and sounds good in these portions too.

The third act got off to a rough start for me but quickly redeemed itself. I was a fan of little Jenna Ortega getting to kick some ass, especially since I was sure she was gonna bite the dust, and Melissa Barrera's Sam grew on me a lot. Seeing them with Gale and Sidney and having a final girl quartet of sorts was fun.

Don't think Dewey's death has actually hit me yet so I have no idea how I feel about it. Unfortunately I did have one of the killers spoiled for me (I had covid when this released in cinemas) but thankfully there ended up being two.

Some details I enjoyed:

- Mindy surviving because she's gay, of course
- Chad and Mindy giving each other thumbs up as they get wheeled to ambulances
- It being hard to guess if Tara was innocent
- Sam's absolutely brutal revenge kill
- The 'oh this is that house' reveal

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