Shin Godzilla ★½

Wanted to like this but the angle wasn't captivating despite the very relevant subtext. Shin Godzilla takes a government based approach which I do see some potential in, but with so much time spent with characters that aren't fleshed out it becomes a bit of a nightmare to sit through, and not because of the scary creature design

Speaking of, were they going for a CGI look that was supposed to resemble the practical and still-looking Godzilla iterations of the past? Idk, but it wasn't great. The actual design of Godzilla is cool but the effects undermined him (or her?) heavily.

The film is also quite literal and has a habit of straying from show don't tell. There's one scene where one of the government workers said this big speech about how all of the people in the office were working tirelessly, not getting home to sleep, and eating meals brought for them, even though all of this had just been explicitly shown to us through a small montage. Kind of felt like being hit over the head with a "you dumb fuck!" stick.

Got bored. Sorry. 2014 Godzilla still the main man in town