Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★

In Far From Home, Peter Parker is suffering from his own version of superhero fatigue. He’s tired of the explosions, bad guys, and responsibility. He just wants to go on vacation and focus on the girl he likes. An unmotivated and struggling Spider-Man is something we’ve seen before, albeit in a non-MCU film, and there’s much to explore in the personal depths of Peter’s duality.

Disney, however, is definitely not tired of the explosions, the bad guys, and the responsibility. In fact, Peter’s want for downtime is shelved to such an extent that, if it weren’t for the distractingly amusing on-screen adventures, it might start to look like a half-baked attempt at deepening this specific Spider-Man’s lore. But Far From Home is as much of a breather for us as Peter’s school trip (was meant to be) for him. The film is designed to fit around the explosive aftermath of Endgame, and it does – it’s refreshing to get away for a while.

Far From Home goes through the expected motions. We’ve seen so many Spider-Man movies that there may not be much more untapped story to tell. Yes, there will always be new villains to play with, more supporting characters, and fresh coats of paint. But after a number of (better) Spidey films, is there any part of the character’s ethos or purpose that hasn’t already been covered? If the answer is no, it seems likely that Marvel knows this.

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