Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★

Thor: Ragnarok has some cool moments. All of which are constantly undermined by forceful jokes, unimpressive CGI and a lack of cohesiveness with the history of the films before it.

There was a lot that made me laugh but I honestly get tired out when it's line after line of gags. I can't take anything seriously and it removes the weight more often that not. It's not as if there is a massive writing problem, it's just that it's so skimpy.
Hela's backstory is wicked (Blanchett is also wicked) but it's explained in a horrendous moment of exposition that feels unearned. As does the moving on from the plot twist at the end of Dark World. It's predictably turned into a joke and brushed aside as if it were nothing. I understand why we needed a fresh start but I don't think this is the right way of going about it.

The worst part for me was a character saying "look at this view" or some shit and everyone turns their heads and are met with a horrific green screen version of Norway or somewhere. I was looking forward to the film's visuals and a lot of it does look nice with a more dynamic colour wheel and some explosive action sequences but the effects bring me out of it. They're just not up to scratch. Like yeah dude The Immagrint Song playing while Chris Hemsworth lights up like a Christmas tree and slow motion fucks some guys up is always going to be awesome but take away those little snippets of exhilaration and there's not much behind it.

I sound like I'm being really negative but the things I didn't like I really didn't like. I feel like Ragnarok is a missed opportunity on a lot of levels. As a funny flick it does a fine job but I would much rather sacrifice some of the humour for more depth. It is frustrating because so often I felt like we were almost there and something slight was off.

Now, that scene where Loki makes Valkyrie remember her first meeting with Hela. That was fucking spectacular. I wish the whole movie was that impactful. It was only then I felt how much of a force Hela is. She is for sure one of the better mcu villains but still painfully underwritten. Still, seeing her lay waste was blissful.

Not bad at all, just suffers from my usual marvel gripes

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