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This review may contain spoilers.

8/10 A confident script from the wachowski's thrusts you into a world of corruption, anarchy and well pulled off symbolism.

I watched this when I was younger, I remember liking it but I wasn't that into film so didn't pay much attention. At the suggestion of some friends I decided to give it another go and I'm so glad I did. This is one of those stories that actually makes you feel something, it makes you hope for the characters and what they're doing. 

The scary thing about this is it's not all that far from a world we could possible live/have lived in. It tacked homophobia in an extreme but elegant manner through a recount of a woman's life through a letter she wrote to who ever may find it. I thought this was actually the part of the movie that really got to me. I became invested at this point. The tonal shift and the gorgeous storytelling as we go through this woman's past effortlessly makes you care about her so when things go wrong and when you understand what happened to her and more importantly why it's all the more agonising.

The casting is great. I expect nothing less from Natalie Portman. You can feel her desperation practically radiating through her. Weaving is also spectacular. His face is covered the entire time yet he brings the tonal shifts and manages to control his demeanour in a way that lets you see what "V" is actually feeling behind that mask.
V as a character is iconic. We've seen those masks everywhere, it's a symbol in real life as much as it is in this film. I also kind of hated him at times. When he tortures Evey to prove some kind of lesson its angering and makes you rethink your stance on him and his mental state. Means to an end though right?

This movie is memorable for 4 reasons to me. 1 - the real life parallel to "different is dangerous" and the reflection on our real society. 2 - the feeling of revolt and aggression that flows through its veins.
3 - the intertwined stories of the woman we fall in love with in the space of ten minutes and whose story I'll never forget.
4 - the sheer craziness and confidence of the screen play and how a dark movie effortlessly plays off as light.

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