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  • Jurassic Park

    Jurassic Park


    The scene with the reveal of the Brachiosauruses is probably my favorite scene in all of cinema. It perfectly exemplifies just how magical and wonderful a movie can be. The incredible effects used for the Brachiosauruses, the beautiful John Williams score, the look of pure wonder on Neill and Dern's faces, the wide shots of the Brachiosauruses walking by, Attenborough's delivery of "Welcome to Jurassic Park", everything about this scene is perfect.

    1993 Ranked boxd.it/98kWC
    Steven Spielberg Ranked boxd.it/aPX4O
    Samuel L Jackson Ranked boxd.it/cP2V0

  • Godzilla



    After having ingested an ridiculous amount of Godzilla related media between my original viewing of this movie and now, there's a really interesting thing I noticed about this film that I don't remember seeing in any other Godzilla adaptation. And that's the human element of the film. Now I know I'm far from the first to notice this, but it was something that completely passed me by the first time and made me appreciate this film so much more.

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  • Randy Writes a Novel

    Randy Writes a Novel


    I think I have a new favorite comedian.

  • Crocodile


    Quite possibly the most rancid cast I've ever encountered in a horror movie. Claire was the only character that wasn't actively annoying but she was so poorly written that I couldn't really bring myself to give too much of a shit about what happened to her.

    The only vaguely positive thing I can say about this film is that I'm glad the dog lived.

    2000 Ranked boxd.it/96aem
    Tobe Hooper Ranked boxd.it/g82m0
    Aquatic Horror Ranked boxd.it/aWLPM

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  • Love, Simon

    Love, Simon


    A lot of people are using this movie to tell their stories of coming out or to come out to their followers so I decided. Screw it, why don't I join in on the fun? It is Pride Month after all.
    Over the course of two years now, I've come to the slow realization that I am a transwoman. I won't go into the nitty-gritty of how I came to that realization but trust me it wasn't a fun process.…

  • Out of Scale

    Out of Scale


    I need a 4 hour Snyder cut of Donald buliding his miniature town.