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  • The Married Woman

    The Married Woman


    Godard's conventional love triangle narrative examines the consumerist control over modern culture of mass advertisement, style, and the wellbeing behavior by way of the lens of the contemporary French-woman enclosed in the way of the media's influence on her perception of the standards of life.

  • Out 1

    Out 1


    Rivette's innovative nearly 13 hour craft experiments with what is exactly possible with a film's runtime and the convention of the works of Balzac within it. The film's colossal respect and adoration towards Balzac explores his nuance and understandings as it questions the meanings of existence through individual later integrated narratives that challenge and examine his work throughout.

    Leaud and Berto are fucking chads.

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  • Theorem



    A very odd... but very compelling critique at the bourgeoise, Pasolini delivers one of the most abnormal films I have ever watched. Covered with countless amounts of breathtaking imagery and a small lack of dialogue, Pasolini manages to deliver an almost flawless film.

    Teorema (1968) has an extraordinary amount of commentary on art, sexuality, marxism, and loneliness. The acting is superb and gut wrenching. Pasolini's direction is unparalleled. He was able to craft a film that used more body language than actual language, and it make perfect sense. This definitely deserves one more rewatch for me to consider a "masterpiece".


  • Nights of Cabiria

    Nights of Cabiria


    One of the most beautiful pieces of film I have ever watched. Fellini truly delivers such a passionate film that can only express so much emotion. Masina carries the film with heart and empathy instantaneously composing one of the most compelling characters of cinema history. The imagery and writing are flawless. The humor and the driven affection are remarkably well-balanced. The last five minutes had me yelling at the screen, it was gorgeous and perfect.

    Fellini was able to craft…