The Beach Bum ★★★★½

It seems foolish to label any of Korine's films as his masterpiece, or even as Peak Korine. Each one's operating principle is to string a taut line between how seriously Korine regards his characters, and how aggressively he dares us to dismiss them; one's mileage is usually in finding pleasure at one end of the rope, and/or by reveling in its tension. What I will say of The Beach Bum - which essentially transfers the rambling autohagiography of your everyday boardwalk wanderer ("I was a great poet once! And I used to be married to a rich woman! And then Snoop Dogg and Jimmy Buffet and me, we got in the hot tub...") into a deceptively modest, yet wholly subjective "stoner comedy" - is that this proverbial rope is strung as tightly as ever. I fucking loved it.