Parasite ★★★★★

I had a feeling Parasite would reward a rewatch, but I hadn't anticipated quite how much more bowled over I would be second time around. The benefit of knowing the twists and events that are coming made me really appreciate what Bong has created here.

In my earlier review, I said I had issues with some of the characterisation, but a second viewing - knowing what comes of each of character - really enhanced this aspect for me and I felt the pain, rage and deep humanity in all of these impeccably crafted and acted people.

The symphonic rhythm and editing makes this incredibly entertaining, but the profundity of its themes never takes a backseat to the pulsating thrills - they work in harmony so beautifully that I was just lost for words as the credits rolled.

I finished my last review by saying this wasn't necessarily one of the best films ever made as general buzz would have you believe, but I'm going to have to retract that statement now.

Here's hoping the Oscars do the right thing on Sunday night and a taste of Parasite leads to more sold out UK showings of foreign films in the future.

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