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  • Horns



    Horns is a difficult film to review. The book by Joe Hill is phenomenal. It beautifully blends fantasy and horror. It's romantic, dark, and funny. It's a coming-of-age tale interwoven with revenge horror. Adapting such a novel to the screen would seem impossible.

    Initially, I was underwhelmed when I saw the movie. My biggest complaint is that Merrin was reduced to a trope, this perfect symbol of purity that was destroyed and must be avenged. She is given none of…

  • I Know Who Killed Me

    I Know Who Killed Me


    For years, I Know Who Killed Me has been a guilty pleasure of mine. I've never met another person that enjoys this flick nevertheless owns it (which I do).

    I get it. I do. The story is bizarre. The science presented here does not add up and there are a number of massive plot holes. That said, the mystery is worth investing in. It's interesting and unique. It unfurls gradually and provides plenty of twists.

    In a lot of ways,…

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  • Hounds of Love

    Hounds of Love


    Very disturbing and difficult to watch. Sort of a study in domestic violence and abusive, controlling relationships. It's filmed beautifully, the acting is great and it's well-paced. In fact, it feels almost too real at times and makes you feel dirty for watching it.

    This isn't the kind of film you watch to enjoy and I doubt it's one I'll ever rewatch, but I'm sure Hounds of Love will stick with me for some time.

    Grade: A-
    Verdict: Rent it

  • The Ritual

    The Ritual


    Exceeded my expectations. Loads of surprises, suspense and scares. Watch it!