Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★

Part 3 is the bedazzled denim jacket of Jason movies. I'm sure they thought they had something special when they decided to release this in 3D but it just looks goofy. So much of the movie is wasted on 3D gimmicks like popcorn popping and a yo-yo. Throw in some poorly disguised practical effects and it all starts to feel a bit cringe.

That's not to say, that Part 3 is without merit, we do get to see Jason put on his iconic hockey mask for the first time. There are also a few fun kills like Andy who gets chopped down while walking on his hands. Jason also has a few moments in the final act where he is genuinely terrifying.

The characters are sort of a discount Scooby gang without any of the charm. There are the two hippie stoners that look old enough to be the parents of these kids. One of them, Chilli gives the worst performance in the franchise. Pregnant Debbie and her BF Andy are our Fred and Daphne. They're are alright, but the pregnancy is a random detail that goes nowhere. Shelly brings the masks and practical jokes but he's more of a sad sack than comic relief. Vera is alright and would have been a decent girl. Instead, we get Chris. she's a big step down from Ginny of Part 2. When she's not running around and screaming like she just saw a spider, she's lecturing her friends about sex. She should reserve that for her BF, Rick. He is so aggressively sexual that he comes off like a creep. He needs to take a cold shower and calm down. But the most disappointing character is the doom prophet with the 3D eyeball. Yeah, he's no Crazy Ralph.

The script is nothing special. It repeats the same beats from the first two movies down to the killer tackling the survivor girl for its final jump scare.

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