Jaws ★★★


there’s ten minutes left and they still haven’t caught the god damn shark!!! 

a classic for obvious yet dated reasons, Jaws is a bumpy ride that successfully sets up a lot, and just doesn’t deliver on those promises. the practical effects and camerawork are timelessly adept. sand between my toes and whiffs of sunscreen danced through my memories as the first hour cruised by. it’s smooth sailing through acts one and two, aided especially by performances with the gentlest touches of human emotion that hit the right spot, or the charm of a passionate smartass that makes you giggle every time. but, as you get closer and closer to the climax, the tension slips away and you’re left with frustrated dissatisfaction. how many times can the barrels go under the water and come back up? the world record must be in the last 45 minutes of this beloved action adventure. also that shark is adorable and did nothing wrong. chow down on as many kids as you want honey, they’re good for eyesight <3

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