Lover of classic films and Myrna Loy. 
I don’t rate films, I just give 5 stars to a few favorite watches.

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  • Test Pilot

    Test Pilot

    “Three roads... three roads...” 
    I’d die to see this film properly restored. Maybe some day. 
    I’m so glad I’ve warm up to Spencer Tracy - now one of my favorite actors - because the first time I watched Test Pilot I didn’t appreciate enough his brilliant performance.

  • The Gang's All Here

    The Gang's All Here

    “It’s wolf talk, that’s international!” might be one of my favorite lines ever said on film. What a feast to the eyes this movie is (if you can stand it).

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  • Badlands


    I get very overwhelmed when I have to write something about a favorite film. Words won’t come out, fingers won’t write, mind won’t think. 
    This was once described to me as a dark poem of killers on the run and I couldn’t think of a better sentence to capture Badlands

    That said, I’m about to break down my two favorite scenes. The ones I think that are pivotal moments for this road trip fairytale. The two dance scenes. 
    First dance.…

  • Humoresque


    I'm tired of playing second fiddle to the ghost of Beethoven.

    Humoresque has such a special atmosphere, from beginning to end, and part of it is thanks to the music. I could go on and on talking about the fundamental role music plays here but instead I’d talk about my favorite scene — Just after Crawford’s character obtains the greenlight for her divorce, she goes to see Garfield’s character rehearsal a music sheet from Bizet’s Carmen suite; Les Toréadors and…