Paprika ★★★★½

Having seen the Inception/Paprika gifset float around on tumblr, I decided I wanted to see Paprika for myself.


They are undeniably different movies; to say that Inception is a rip-off of Paprika is to say that, uh, any movie that shares a concept and some similar themes with another are rip-offs. But it would seem reasonable to imagine that Christopher Nolan had seen Paprika, loved it, and paid homage to Satoshi Kon by including some matching shots.

Both films speak to film-making as shared dreaming, but Paprika much more explicitly, and I really loved that. I loved the visuals and the music. Ultimately, I thought the evil mastermind’s motivations were somewhat weak, but the narrative as a whole worked for me as a cautionary fable, and a very Japanese one at that, of humankind’s insistence that we can control technology responsibly. Again relevant after Fukushima Daiichi.

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