The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★½

{slight spoiler at the very last line of my writing}

Trying this again , didn’t know how differently I’d feel this time. It’s a messy miserable film that is too ambitious for its own good at times. An annoying narrator , not so great writing , and constant nihilism don’t give this thing a great chance either. Not really much of a rhyme or a reason to it all either. 

Lately I’ve been ripping these rewatches, don’t get me wrong they have entertaining parts - and you’re delusional if you don’t enjoy Pattinson’s crazy character. He’s probably the only reason I’m rewatching. And I can’t tell if Tom Holland is even good whatsoever - just looks too much like a kid to be anything but a badass here. 

A lot of it just feels too much like a Netflix film , especially in its writing. Campos has a few films , don’t know how I truly feel about most of them- but he sure likes keeping things dark and depressing. His sinister elements are intriguing at times for what it’s worth. 

Definitely glad I watched it to begin with - but there’s too much chaos and not enough meaning to it all. Plenty of bleak films that speak to me , I’d say many of my favorite films are pretty dark- but this one didn’t speak to me on any level. I’m too split with many of the elements , like I said Pattinson keeps me intact.  

Even the connections between characters lives and their deaths can seem a bit meaningful but do they serve anything more then just a piece of plot?? It’s hard to dig into something like this. But too many individuals coming & going (in and out of the story) that you know as soon as you put this film on that everyone in the end will be dead at some point.

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