The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

The boldest Eggers yet: a peyote-trip, filled sequence with some of the most sophisticated and polished brutality that I’ve seen on the big screen in a while.

The Viking costume-design is to die for; it’s what I dreamed of wearing on halloween as a young kid, and nothing beats that. The sweet vengeance is constant , yet it’s like  no other. But,  right off the bat you know what you’re getting into; but Eggers has a way with action and a way  with  might.

Eggers is bat far one of my favorites right now; his first two films are some of many films I think about constantly. And this one here is by far the most intense, but the hardest to come up with a rating. The film itself had some of my favorite scenes in a long time; there were some bits that I wish were maybe produced in a more meticulous manner in terms of script.

Eggers loves to go over the top when he’s focused on making something big. And in his first two films he incorporates spiritual practices, even demonic presences- and he seems to combine all of these traits into this film especially. I think Eggers could have toned down , but then again at the same time his creation might’ve not been so powerful and mighty if that occurred. There’s a bizarre silly-ness to some parts in the beginning especially involving the tripping sequences and the young boy narrating his thoughts on vengeance. Maybe I would’ve been more proud of giving this a  five star rating if these minor bits were tweaked. But hey what the hell. I think my 4.5 stays for now. 

It’s awesome to see a film that almost perfects…. if not does perfect , the Viking story and how flat out monstrous and insane they were.

I love the aspects from Andrei Rublev, and the pre-hamlet story that may or may not have inspired Shakespeare himself. It’s hard to know these facts, but this sort of vengeance story has definitely been around for quite some time. Eggers had the audacity to perfect the story and he very well might have.

Boy, my dreams are going to be wild tonight after finishing this film at 2:30 AM on a Wednesday night. I’ll definitely be needing a rewatch as my thoughts tend to be all over the place at times and I’m trying to rethink everything I saw. Then again, it is a story that you’re all familiar with and could guess the events right off the bat , but you won’t ever be able to guess the manner in which Eggers displays this brilliance. 

Once I watch this again maybe I’ll bump it up…. I just felt like this could’ve been perfected if it was shortened and minor bits were changed that feel like a video game almost . It’s hard to explain this in context when I’m this tired

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