A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born ★★½

i didn't feel anything watching this. the acting was fine and bradley and lg had on-camera chemistry but no romantic chemistry if that makes sense.

i guess there were emotional stakes but i didn't feel any of them. the addiction angle was flat and stereotypical, jackson's relationship with his brother was supposedly "fraught" but sam elliott had like 4 scenes (when jackson fires him and punches him they're on speaking terms the next time we see him, working together again the next one after that, and are basically fine after he's in rehab), ally had no identity outside of her relation to jackson, the romance was rushed and not believable (partly bc they cut at the weirdest times?? like they'd say something meaningful that warranted a reaction from the other character or something dramatic would happen and then it was just...on to the next thing lol. e.g. "you made this a home" and no emotional reaction from her, he pisses himself and then they ff to months later when he's in rehab, then when jackson KILLED HIMSELF (scream! honestly can't believe they went there) she cries but gets over it bc there's 10 min left in the movie). too much of the emotional work was off screen for me to connect to this in any meaningful way, and even with so much missing it still feels overlong & self-indulgent on bradley's part.

i did rly like the music (besides the last song it was performed well but it was too on the nose) but i had the privilege of completely ignoring everything abt this movie until 2 hrs ago so i haven't heard it played to death 

ok that's what i think on an impersonal level but let me be a hater for a sec:
1. shangie wasn't in it enough
2. ally and her dads fucking gabagool tony soprano robert-de-niros-performance-in-an-oscar-bait-movie spaghetti ass relationship where she cleans up after him but it's ok bc he's italian was DUMB
3. her "sellout" songs were good and that's that

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