Eternals ★★★★½

i dont think there’s ever been a time where i’ve disagreed with rotten tomatoes more because this was soooo fucking good??? i hope chloe zhao is proud of this because this puts a lot of other mediocre marvel movies to SHAME!!! the fact that thor, thor 2, black widow, & iron man 2 have better reviews than this is fuckinggggg hilarious. the visuals in this are better than any marvel movie tenfold and yea this movie can be a little messy but literally every marvel movie off the top of my head is and is definitely way more so than eternals is. 

like i really don’t understand? the action was sick (especially that forest scene) and all the characters and their abilities were so unique i found myself invested in all of them and just the whole time despite its runtime i was interested and hooked into the story. i definitely feel like phase 4 is taking marvel in direction that is very much needed, letting independent filmmakers direct these big movies i think gives it so much heart that’s been lacking. shang chi and eternals were both great imo and im excited to see what else marvel has planned.

also… people saying there’s not enough action like bruh sit down and watch a fucking movie for once pls 🙏🏻

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