Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I am a total paradox when it comes to this movie, and kind of all the mcu Spider-Man moments. I totally accept and acknowledge that when I saw this movie in the theater (multiple times) that I really enjoyed myself. I walked out laughing at the movie, enjoying mysterio and not really having any huge notable problems. And when I look back and watch this movie again, I can’t help but see every problem this movie has, and how it points out the major flaws of the MCU Spider-Man as a whole.

1. Tony Stark
Peter Parker has two major mentors in his life, Ben and May Parker. These people raised him and love him and Uncle Ben’s death really is the ultimate Spider-Man moment. But after they killed Martin Sheen audiences kinda didn’t want to go through that again. We’ve already experienced Batman’s parents die 5 times and we’ll probably see a 6th time in the Reeves Batman film. But Peter as a young kid obviously needs someone to guide him. And who else wors- I mean better, than Tony Stark. Now, the relationship works(?) in the context of the movies, but as a good translation of the character Spider-Man it kinda spits in the face of one of the best superheroes ever. Spider-Man is all about Peter being poor, alone, self made, with his only real mentor dead because of his own actions, and then he takes the responsibility of being a hero to help all he can. In this his father figure is a billionaire, all the tech in the world, and the funniest moment of this film to me is right before the third act when Peter is talking to Happy Hogan. Peter is at his lowest point in the story cause he can’t live up to Iron Man, and Happy says basically that his best self is being Spider-Man, not Iron man. And immediately what follows this scene is Happy playing AC/DC, Tony’s music, while Peter makes a suit using Stark Technology. This moment completely undermines whatever message about Peter being his own hero that the movie was originally going for.

2. There is no number 2
Basically I don’t really like the fact that everyone knows he’s Peter Parker, not the ending, where his identity is revealed, that’s cool. I mean the fact that most times he just has his mask off so everyone can see him. I don’t like Aunt May basically not even being relevant as a figure in Peters life. For all the problems of the amazing Spider-Man films Sally Fields is a good Aunt May. 

I can’t wait for a Spider-Man movie that feels like a Spider-Man movie. Cause Peter deserves better. Well actually the PS4 game was great so it’s not all bad

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