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  • Mega Piranha

    Mega Piranha

    5 million dollar budget and you produce this disgusting, awful, repulsive, abhorrent, sexist, vile, unwatchable pile of crap.

    Literally just the concept of a huge fucking piranha is just so stupid, and the god-awful cgi just made me laugh uncontrollably.

    The transitions between the scenes, cinematography, and score are some of the worst of all time. All the quick, zappy jumps between scenes and their accompanying "whoosh" sound effect every. single. time. the camera changes angle make it look like…

  • Jack and Jill

    Jack and Jill

    Although I had known the ratings were in the gutter before I watched this movie, I could've never expected anything that actually happened.

    I actually didn't know going into this that Adam Sandler would be playing 2 people. Though it may have been intended to be some stupid comedic effect, his unconvincing performance as a female character was just so fucking awful. He and Jill, the character, are just so incredibly annoying it's unbearable. I found myself cringing at every…