Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★

"this is real life. it's not perfect, but it's real."

i remember watching richard linklater in this one interview saying it's a challenge to make ordinary conversations watchable and cinematic. he described the scripts of the films as very delicate and laborious. this is something that he magically succeeds at in every film he makes. nothing is boring. nothing is ordinary. ethan hawke even says linklater's films make you feel like life is magic.

delicate. a word that can be used to describe this film, as weird as it sounds. the writing is out of this world. everything is structured. i appreciate every word - i appreciate every movement. every thing was carefully designed. 
the most wonderful thing about this film is its ability to make you empathize with both characters: you don't pick sides, you don't think one person is right. relationships and human connections aren't black and white. i'm a firm believer in grey areas and this is a prime example of one. each person has their own perspective on the situation, and you somehow end up agreeing with both? 

this trilogy will most probably stay my favorite movie(s) for a long long time.

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