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  • The Incredibles
  • Inception
  • When Harry Met Sally...
  • The Descent

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  • Jingle All the Way


  • Home Alone


  • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation


  • World War Z


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  • Peninsula



    Mad Max: Zombie Road - Car Chase to Busan

  • Willy's Wonderland

    Willy's Wonderland


    This movie would've been infinitely better without 90% of its cast. Nic Cage, the animatronics, and that pinball machine are the stars of this movie. We didn't need the teen gang of clichés or the forced exposition, just Nic Cage beating the shit out of some oily, demonic robots and then jamming out on his breaks.

    Extra half star for the highly satisfying cleaning sequences.

Popular reviews

  • Onward



    In a time where things seem bleak, Onward provides a much needed dose of humor, love, and magic!

    Onward follows two loveable bros on a magical quest to earn the most magical gift of all, time with their late father. The hole his absence has left in their lives is palpable from the start, making the way it's eventually filled all the more sweet.

    The relationship between the brothers is endearing and complicated enough to explore some deep themes about…

  • Far from the Tree

    Far from the Tree


    This documentary does an excellent job of representing the pov of each family member in an honest, meaningful way. Both heartbreaking and triumphant, Far from the Tree will open your eyes to new perspectives and touch your heart with powerful stories.