Cats ★½

Cats was an...experience. It was certainly a show, but I can't in good faith call this a "good movie". I wonder if choosing Cats as the first film I see in theaters this year says anything about how the decade will play out for me?

I sat through two hours of bizarre performances and still don't know the definition of the word "jellicle". I thoroughly enjoyed the dance routines and got a kick out of Ian McKellen, but I would never recommend this film to a friend.

I had the pleasure of viewing this drug trip of a movie with a musical theater performer and avid fan of Cats, my best friend. Seeing it through his eyes, I can appreciate the heartfelt performances from Jennifer Hudson and talented newcomer Francesca Hayward. Witnessing the joy this film brought my friend, I could almost feel the holiday magic promised by the Cats trailer.

This monstrous movie musical, which would have terrified me as a child, made me uncomfortable, at times astonished, and I'll even admit to having shed a singular tear. I can't recommend it, but I don't regret experiencing Cats.